About products

Reasons to select observation optics contains many flavors and people value things different ways. E.g. one likes to have best possible performance in twilight whereas another likest to have as light, robust and easy to carry equipment. Hopefully you can find something from our selection to satisfy your needs.

We do not want to compete with so called supermarket-products. We want to also serve our customers to select the best match to the need. Also the product must be a kind that we ourselves would also use.

NOTE! You can always offer your second-hand instrument (binocular, fieldscope, etc.) as an exchange. Of course, compensation depends on the brand, model and condition case-to-case. Just ask! All our fieldscopes are checked individually before delivery. Also all our optics are imported by official dealer so guarantee is valid. If your optics is damaged for some reason, you can have a spare device replacement during the repair.

You can find more information of some of the brands by selecting your choice in drop-down menu above.